Important Issues


How many times have you found out about something that happened in the city after it was over?  Too many times would be my guess.  It has happened to me, my friends and my neighbors.  I've seen many social media posts stating the same thing.

As a council member, I am determined to improve the communication with citizens, both those in Layton and those outside our city that want to know what is happening in Layton.  With technology available today there is no reason that anyone should feel left out.

Growth and Development

I believe in responsible development.  As Layton City continues to grow and develop it is imperative that those making decisions have a clear plan for that growth.  Our current plan is confusing.  We need a plan that is clear for citizens and developers alike.  We need to make sure our plan leads us where we want to go.  We need to take a serious look at our codes and ordinances, so that we are not forced to approve development to not right for the city.

Please join me in the effort to help guide Layton City into a prosperous future.

Parks and Open Space

Layton City has a great tradition of parks and open space.  I am proud to be part of that.  I believe we could be much more proactive in our efforts to obtain and develop our parks, trails and open space.  We have many areas of our trail system that are partially complete or that do not connect.  I feel strongly that more effort and resources need to be put toward making those connections.  

Another thing we need in Layton City is small pocket parks.  I believe this type of park fills an important need in many neighborhoods.


As our community and those around us continue to grow, transportation issues are going to continue to be at the center of our attention.  Many of the major roadways within our city are owned and maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation(UDOT).  Working closely with UDOT to address the issues as they pertain to Layton citizens will be vital in addressing the transportation needs of the city.  

There will be difficult decisions when it comes to mass transit and other proposed roadways through our community.   Those decisions need to be made taking all parties involved into the decision, not just based on the interest of a select few.  

We need to look for a balanced approach to public transportation, making it convenient and accessible.

We recently passed a tax increase to improve roads.  I have yet to see much improvement in our roads.  In fact, many continue to fall apart with half hearted attempts at repair.  Making sure we have timely repair and maintenance will be another priority for me.

© 2019 by  Ja Eggett for Layton City Council